Pisa Multimedia Stand for internal use

Pisa Multimedia Stand for internal use is an ideal device for access control, thanks to the RfID card reader, but it turns out to be very effective also for the management of small operations and procedures.

Touchscreen 10.1"

Despite the compact size of the device, it presents a 10.1″ resistive touchscreen display which allows to carry out many operations in a very easy way.

Pisa Multimedia Stand in fact allows the user to interact in a very intuitive way to perform simple practices such reservations to desks or registrations.


Resistant structure

Multimedia Stand Pisa for internal use is built with a solid and compact structure that allows an easy positioning without exaggerated visual impacts, with a small footprint of space and consequently a greater practicality.

The resistance of the device allows its installation in industrial environments, also thanks to the fanless cooling system.


RfID reader

The device is equipped with a RfID card reader that allows it to be used to control access, such as restricted areas where entry is allowed only to insiders. The reader, positioned below the screen, is quick and easy to use.

High performance

Pisa Multimedia Stand can efficiently combine performance computing and low power requirement.

It is the ideal device for those who need a small-size device but at the same time reliable and efficient in energy saving.



Pisa indoor Stand presents the possibility of wall-mounting, through the predisposition for the VESA 100 attachments on its back.

It is an important feature having regard to the compact size of the device, that if fixed to the wall and allows a more practical and convenient use.


Positioning on floor plan

As an alternative to wall-mounting, Pisa Multimedia Stand can be positioned on a platform fixed through the VESA attack.

The pedestal is provided on request and it represents a valid alternative to wall-mounting, in environments when fixed wall installation is not possible.

Italian excellence
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Supported operating systemsAll industrial use software
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Display resolution1280 x 800
Memory max expansion 8 GB

Efficiency and practicality in a single device


Multipurpose solution

Multimedia Stand Pisa is an extremely versatile device, able to adapt to different contexts.

Its compact structure makes it perfect to be positioned so as not to be in interference with normal work activities.



The device presents some customisation that make it even more efficient and adaptable to different environments in which it is installed.

It can be wall-mounted or on a special pedestal and also it has a wide availability of I/O ports which makes it very versatile.


Fanless system

Pisa indoor Multimedia Stand uses a fanless type of cooling system, modern and very effective in industrial working environments.

The absence of the fans in fact it brings considerable benefits, such as the reduction of maintenance costs, because the system raises less dust, greatly reducing the deposits of dirt inside the machine.


Reduced noise emissions

The Stand reduces the noise emissions produced during the execution of the operations for which it has been installed.

This feature can be useful when the device is placed in an environment where noisy equipment is not allowed.

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