Battery for healthcare appliances

Smart Battery 220 is a reliable tool suitable both for existing solutions and for Intercomp IT trolleys. It ensures modern charge management, flexibility and long life.


Support for two battery packs

The charging station for Smart Battery 220 is able to contain up to two batteries simultaneously.

The charging time is about 4 hours regardless of the presence of one or two battery packs.


Battery charge monitoring

A small display positioned on the upper side of the batteries allows the control of the charge status.

Smart Battery 220 guarantees up to 6 hours of use without the need of replacement, with normal operating conditions.



Replacement without interruptions

The Smart Battery 220 has been designed to ensure the continuity of use of the device that is powering.

The replacement of one battery pack at a time in fact allows a continuous use, eliminating the interruptions for the charging time.


From 8.7 Ah @ 25.2 V DC battery pack

The battery pack’s capacity is 8.7 Ah (maximum capacity is 12.4 Ah) with 25.2 V DC.

It is a reliable and highly functional solution for sanitary devices.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience, we are able to adapt our solutions to your needs.

ReplacementHot swap
Charging timeAbout 4 hours (with one or two battery packs)
Dimensions (L x H x D)
320 mm x 382.5 mm x 133 mm (charging station and two battery packs installed)
CertificationsCE, RoHS

Hospital efficiency


The quality is in the detail

There is great attention to detail in both the planning and production phases, because the aim is to best understand all the dynamics present in healthcare organisations and other environments where the batteries are installed.


Solutions can be cleaned in line with hospital procedures

The Smart Batteries 220 for trolleys and digitalised hospital devices conform to specific healthcare sector regulations and are certified in line with the hospital protocols in use.

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