Quality Policy

Intercomp Quality Policy

Intercomp applies its Quality System to the whole company and all its activities.

Activities that are aimed at:

  • design, production and marketing of personal computers;
  • design, production and marketing of parking meters, sensors and accessories;
  • marketing of peripherals and accessories;
  • commissioning and after-sales technical assistance.

Intercomp considers three basic elements to be fundamental for its growth and development:

  • quality of products and services updated and appropriate to market needs and specific customers, with the maintenance of the requirements established over time;
  • careful management of all aspects identified as potential environmental risks both for the company and for the context in which it operates, and for customers through the products and services offered;
  • prevention, or protection aimed at reducing the risks relating to the safety of collaborators in the performance of their functions and customers both in the use of the products offered and in the use of Intercomp services.

Providing quality and managing the environment and safety is mean as planning, organizing, activating a Quality System within all company departments and controlling its progressive improvement.

The purposes are:

  • consolidate and increase the trust and satisfaction of customers and other interested parties in the organization and therefore in Intercomp products and services;
  • guarantee correct inclusion of Intercomp activities, products and services also at an environmental level, to operate in a harmonious way with the social context in which the company is located and ensure the continuous improvement required by institutions and public opinion regarding potential risks of pollution and excessive consumption of resources;
  • to ensure that all Intercomp collaborators have procedures and a working environment that are as safe and suitable as possible for the required activities;
  • extension of the above concepts to interested parties and in particular to customers who use products offered by Intercomp and who use the related services;
  • the Intercomp system must define and coordinate the activities of all departments and their mutual relations in consideration of these principles;
  • the satisfaction and trust of the customer and other interested parties are defined as fundamental objectives of Intercomp and its organization.

For this purpose, the company management has defined some general principles that must guide the activities of all the departments and internal functions.

These principles are:

  • satisfaction of the external customer and all interested parties;
  • satisfaction of the internal customer and of the social context;
  • security prevention and protection;
  • general improvement planning;
  • control of the system and results.

External customer satisfaction

  • Knowledge of the market and specific customer needs.
  • Maintaining cost levels that entail sales prices which, while competitive, allow profitability such as to encourage experimentation with innovative solutions aimed at achieving, without compromise and effectively, compliance with requirements and customer satisfaction.
  • Progressive improvement of the products supplied with particular attention to product quality meant as reliability.
  • Progressive improvement of the services provided intended both as after-sales and pre-sales services.
  • Accuracy in meeting the logistical requirements requested with particular reference to punctuality in product deliveries and punctuality in technical assistance interventions.
  • Timely adaptation and updating of products and services to market needs.
  • Careful selection and qualification of suppliers in order to obtain better quality and reliability of supply at advantageous costs through a qualification procedure that highlights these aspects.
  • Maintaining the quality standard established for each product.
  • Timely resolution of non-compliance of Intercomp liability.
  • Prompt collaboration in solving customer problems even if not arising from Intercomp responsibilities, with a view to being considered partners by our customers.
  • Effective management of the warranty and spare parts in order to provide an adequate service to the customer and at the same time to reduce the risk of obsolescence of the products.
  • Correct technical-commercial information for the customer.
  • Careful and timely management of customer contacts, through staff trained at all levels to respond and provide information in a precise, professional and courteous manner.

Satisfaction of the internal client and of the social context

  • Being and remaining a company with a human dimension.

  • Clarity in the distribution of company roles and tasks.

  • Definition of specific and measurable objectives for processes with a view to continuous satisfaction.

  • Definition of clear and appropriate work procedures for individual roles.

  • Streamline and govern processes.

  • Adequate training for carrying out the tasks both from a professional point of view and in relation to the management of quality assurance.

  • Diffusion of company policies and objectives in order to achieve real awareness.

  • Awareness raising activities for staff, at all levels, for adapting the working methods to the required requirements.

  • Adequate definition of resources for the resolution of non-conformities.

  • Stimulate collaboration in improving work systems and products and consideration for suggestions received from staff.

  • Periodic information on the results achieved at all levels and on any problems encountered.

  • Direct involvement of the Management in the awareness and stimulation activities relating to the improvement of the quality of the work and the achievement of the planned objectives.

  • Compliance with laws, rules and regulations in force in the civil, criminal, administrative and environmental fields, as regards all activities involving the company.

Safety related prevention and protection

Policy of conducting and developing processes aimed at saving resources, the use of materials with low environmental impact, with work procedures carefully evaluated from the point of view of environmental management.

Planning of the general improvement

  • Definition of precise procedures in all company roles and in work processes significant for quality.

  • Maintenance of the Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

  • Activation of a monitoring system relating to the evaluation of product and process non-conformities.

  • Management planning, realization and effectiveness control of preventive/corrective actions of product process system.

  • General involvement of all company staff in these activities.

System and results check

  • Constant application of the concept of self-control in all company functions (quality indices).

  • Planned monitoring of customer claims and complaints.

  • Monitoring of faults, returns, repairs on products already delivered, even after the warranty period.

  • Monitoring of any accidents or emergencies concerning safety and the environment.

  • Internal audits of the Quality System.

  • Periodic review of the Quality System by the Company Management.

  • Effective internal reporting activities to the functions involved in the relevant data and to the Management.

  • Checks on customer satisfaction with Intercomp services, products and image.

  • Checks on satisfaction and internal motivation for quality, safety, environment and required improvements management.

  • Introduction of objectives relating to compliance with non-compliance resolution times in relation to their severity.


The Direction takes an active role in this project, providing indications on corporate objectives and strategies in addition to all the human and financial resources deemed necessary for the correct and timely implementation of the established programs, actively collaborating in raising awareness and motivating staff in carrying out the project itself.

The implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Quality System must be pursued by all Intercomp staff, including by promptly providing all the active collaboration required by the System Manager in developing and formalizing the procedures and in the correct application and control of the themselves, suggesting improvements and adaptations of the processes, in short, actively participating in the project in all its phases.

Lastly, the System Manager is delegated, after discussion and authorization by the Direction, to train and use a group of internal inspectors and to take advantage of all the necessary secretarial support: these functions are performed part-time.

Finally, the human and financial resources necessary for the process and product controls required to ensure the reliability and safety of the products at the customers were defined.

The Intercomp policy, approved by the General Direction, was disseminated and illustrated to all the company’s collaborators.

The General Direction undertakes to repeat this activity with each variation or update.

Intercomp policy is also communicated to all the people who work on behalf of the organization. 

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