Samsung Multimedia Stands


Suitable for continuous use


High level of protection


Turn-key solution

Intercomp and Samsung together with San Marino
In collaboration with Samsung, we developed a unique custom-built solution for digital signage especially for the City of San Marino. This project was assigned by Samsung Italia but certified by the engineering division of the main Samsung works in Korea.

This solution is indeed distinguished by the synergy developing between ourselves and our various partners, the City of San Marino, Samsung Italia and Samsung’s engineering division. Everyone has contributed significantly to realising a shared vision.


Suitable for continuous use

The stand exploits a modern hardware system capable of dealing with a high workload for a long period of time, by exploiting a sophisticated cooling system positioned in the lower part of the stand.

High level of protection, for outdoor use

The stand was produced with the scope of installation at a number of collection points at key sites in the City of San Marino.

The structure of the stand protects the more sensitive parts of the system, ensuring it is always in the ideal operating conditions, defending it from overheating and preventing water and dust from entering the more sensitive parts.


Turnkey solution

In collaboration with Samsung, it was decided to install a multimedia system on the Stand, allowing the creation and management of a range of content that could be displayed on the monitors.
Customer requirements
⭕️ Development of a hardware structure capable of supporting and ensuring continuing operation of Samsung’s OH family of 75″ large screen displays.

⭕️ A solution allowing the Stand to resist and disperse the high temperatures of the large screen display.

⭕️ A project certified by Samsung’s engineering division in Korea.

⭕️ A case for the large screen making it visible even when the sun is shining directly on it.

Developed solution
✔️ An air-conditioned and protected structure maintaining the temperature of hardware peripherals at an ideal level.

✔️ A solution developed together with Samsung, making it possible to manage the programme at a distance, playing the multimedia content required.

✔️ A screen with an adjustable level of illumination, also reaching the very high levels necessary to make it possible to read the screen when the sun is shining on it.

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