Hardware-software bundle for Industry 4.0

Our hardware solutions for industrial automation can be enriched with different types of software dedicated to process management and remote access, therefore SCADA & remote access.

SCADA software allows complete control of the production line, with high levels of customization, while the remote access allows to intervene on the machines with a considerable saving of time and resources.

Hardware-software-remote access complete solution

By choosing Intercomp industrial hardware devices, it is possible to combine the software component designed by Emerson Automation and the Cloud remote access solutions, obtaining a complete bundle able to offer maximum efficiency and operability in each production line.

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SCADA software

Movicon™ series created by Emerson Automation represents a range of high-level software solutions able of making a difference even in very different industrial contexts.

The platform allows the complete management and control of industrial automation processes and resources, with the possibility of customizing the functions according to specific needs.

Remote access

Remote access

Cloud remote access solutions allow real-time interventions on industrial machinery in complete safety, reducing on-site interventions and saving time and resources.

Both the agent software component and the router gateway offer immediate installation, simple and intuitive interfaces and maximum security of the connection and of the processed data.

An ideal bundle for every need and for every type of context



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Remote access


Remote access


All the benefits of a complete solution

Emerson Automation industrial software

Movicon™ series software designed by Emerson Automation is used to manage the operator-machine interface, interacting directly with the production processes. Combined with a type of hardware suitable for even critical working contexts and customized according to specific needs, they represent advanced solutions for the complete control of machinery and automation lines.

Intercomp hardware & Movicon™ software: all the benefits
  • Management of production recipes
  • Management of users with diversified accesses
  • Management of scheduled maintenance
  • Logging of events and alarms
  • Consultable reports
  • Real-time tracking

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Cloud remote access

Remote access solutions are dedicated to the management of industrial machinery. They allow remote configuration of settings and updates without wasting time and resources, effectively saving on attendance interventions. Maximum protection is guaranteed for the remote assistance tools but also for the company systems and network, in addition to the security of the data processed.

Intercomp hardware & Cloud solutions: all the benefits
  • Reduction of on-site interventions
  • Connect from any device
  • Device, network and data security and protection
  • Immediate installation
  • Intuitive and customizable interface
  • Choosing between agent software and edge gateways

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Remote access

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