Rackmount Server
Rack Servers Cora 4000 are high-quality devices designed for use in workplace environments that need efficient systems for the management of data, with rack mounting.

Suitable for continuous use

The Rack Server Cora 4000 is a device able to offer very high performance over a long machine lifecycle.

This is possible also thanks to the fan cooler dissipation system running in order to keep the machine at the ideal temperature.


2 Hot-Swap HDDs with redundant power supply

Rack Servers Cora 4000 can accommodate up to 2 Hot-Swap HDDs, exploiting a redundant power supply system.

This particular type of power supply allows the device to remain active even in the event of problems with the main power supply.


19" 4U rack cabinet

The Rack Server Cora 4000 is designed to be mounted inside the rack cabinet, having a structure accommodating 4 units.

The device has also an excellent cooling system, allowing several units to operate in ideal conditions within the rack cabinets.


High expandability

Thanks to the expandability of RAM memory, Rack Servers Cora 4000 can provide high performance.

They are capable of satisfying the needs of workplace environments where significant operational efficiency is a priority.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience, we can adapt our solutions to your needs.
Wide range of I/O portsCustomizable on request
Dimensions (L x H x D)
483 mm x 177 mm (4 units) x 470* mm / *485 mm (front included) / *525 mm (front and handles included)
CertificationsCE, RoHS
MonitoringTemperature and fan system
Operating temperature
From +5°C to +35°C
Non operating temperature
From -30°C to +70°C

Our added value


Pre-sales support

Retailers of Intercomp solutions can make free use of the sales support service.

Not just technical support, but above all a fundamental ally in the creation of made-to-measure proposals for specific commercial situations.


European Certification of production

All our proposals follow manufacturing protocols imposed to guarantee our customers superior quality in comparison to that offered by large-scale hardware distributors.

Our solutions respect all the regulations issued by the European Community.


Customised warranty

The standard warranty for the Rack Server Cora 4000 covers a period of three years following the purchasing of the product.

The warranty is often customized by our retailers because they can count on specialist technical and production services within the company, guaranteeing high quality and rapid repairs, also on-site.


Customized configuration

It is possible to customize Rack Server Cora 4000 with extreme versatility.

The cases of these Servers are medium to large, thus offering the potential for considerable hardware expansion in various components.

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