Rackmount server

Rack servers Idas 2000 are excellent solutions able to adapt to a wide range of different needs, optimising the relationship between cost and efficiency and offering our distributors a high-quality device at an advantageous price.


Suitable for continuous use

Rack servers Idas 2000 are reliable and efficient devices, ideal for any type of operational context.

They are capable to work at high operating levels over a long period of lifecycle.


8 or 12 Hot-Swap HDDs with redundant power supply

The case of the rack server Idas 2000 is designed with a variable number of HDD bays, from 8 to 12, according to working requirements.

The cassettes are equipped with Hot-Swap technology, which allows them to be extracted even during the activity of the machine.

Furthermore, the redundant power supply allows continuous and particularly secure use over time even in the event of temporary hitches.


19" 2U rack cabinet

Rack servers Idas 2000 have a structure in line with the worldwide standard of cases used for rack cabinets.

They are 2U size and benefit from an efficient cooling system that ensures they operate effectively, also guaranteeing secure dissipation within the cabinets.


High expandability

Rack servers Idas 2000 are already able to offer high-level performance with the standard configurations.

They are able to adapt also to structures where a substantial operational activity is required.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience, we can adapt our solutions to your needs.
HDD bays8 or 12 | Hot-Swap
Operating temperature
From +5°C to +35°C
Non operating temperatureFrom -20°C to +70°C
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight
437 mm x 89 mm x 648 mm | About 30 Kg for average configuration

Our added value


Pre-sales support

A distributor of Intercomp solutions can be entitled to access our free support service.

Both in the pre-sales and after-sales phases, it is possible to count on a competent ally about the different retail sales contexts.


Testing and EC certification

Rack servers Idas 2000 follow our special manufacturing programme, which includes different phases of testing and trials checking resistance to critical aspects in standard workplace environments from the very beginning of the process.

These procedures are methodically tracked and made available to our customers, thus certifying quality and respect for the regulations in force within the European Community.


Customised warranty

The rack server series has a standard 3 year warranty from the time the product is purchased.

It is possible also to create customised solutions in the contractual phase, for example to extend the warranty or modify the way in which it is supplied.


Different types of configurations

Even at standard levels, rack servers Idas 2000 can be installed with different types of hardware configurations, ensuring that the device can meet differing requirements.

The dimensions of the structure allow the device to make use of several hardware peripherals, upgrading or personalising the use of the server, while keeping low costs.

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