Advanced performance, reduced costs

Tower servers Challenger-R2 are ideal devices for efficiently manage large amounts of data, able to work at high operational levels.


Suitable for continuous use

Tower server Challenger-R2 are very efficient devices suitable for continuous use.

They can exploit a fan-cooling system for optimal operating conditions.


Integrated RAID controller

RAID technology is integrated into all the types of tower servers, allowing secure and constant filing of data into different areas.

The RAID integrated technology also positively affects the performance of the computers, establishing high levels of achievable performance and optimal working capacity.


Advanced expandability

The performance of tower server Challenger-R2 can reach advanced levels of expandability.

They are suitable for complex growing structures that need safe and high-quality devices.


Highly customizable

The high degree of customisation achievable with tower server Challenger-R2 means to have a series of configurations available even at standard level that will meet most of the requests.

In any case, all our distributors can count on the support of our design and production departments in the event that particular processing operations are required to adapt the servers to special contexts.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience, we can adapt our solutions to your needs.
MainboardIndustrial type, can be personalised upon request
DDR4-2933 ECC Registered DIMM
Internal HDD/SSDUp to 8
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight
193 mm x 424 mm x 545 mm | About 19 Kg for average configuration
Operating temperature
From +5°C to +35°C

Our added value


Pre-sales assistance

It is the quality of our relationship with our retailers that determines the level of our success.

In our view, it is only through attentive and good quality customer assistance that the foundations can be laid for the building of a successful future together.

For this reason, our distributors find in Intercomp a competent ally able to help them out at every step in their commercial business.


Inspections and CE testing

Tower servers respond to specific quality protocols aimed at ensuring the reliability of our devices and of all their component parts.

We have been investing in quality, offering our customers high value solutions for their needs and problems.


Customized warranty

The warranty period for all the tower servers is 3 years.

This contractual standard can however be extended and varied to cover the whole duration of the service, as well as the way of provision of the technical assistance offered.


Status of orders

All orders made can be tracked by our computerised system that identifies the position and status of the machine in the production line.

A check can be carried out on when it will be ready.

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