Tower and Rack Servers, record efficiency
Tower and Rack Servers Idas 4000 are designed for manage large quantities of data in secure and efficient way while keeping in a reasonably small budget.

Suitable for continuous use

Tower and Rack Servers Idas 4000 are low-energy and high-performance devices able of working at high capacity for continuous use.

They are carefully researched and well-structured products specially designed to deal with heavy workloads while maintaining an optimal internal temperature.


High expandability

The configuration using the RAM DDR4 assures higher performance, large DIMM capacity, greater data integrity and very low energy consumption.

The Server’s technology also provides greater data management security thanks to CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checks) and increased signal stability.


8 HDD Hot-Swap with redundant power supply

Tower and Rack Servers Idas 4000 can accept up to 8 HDD exploiting a redundant power supply.

The system ensures continuity of power supply even in the event of component breakdowns. The backup power supply takes the place of the principal supply if one of these develops a fault.

This system is important because in the presence of a breakdown the server carries on working at full capacity until the faulty part has been repaired.


19" 4U rack mounting

The Server Idas 4000 may be also rack mounted using the cabinet kit.

It has an excellent cooling system that is ideal for safe working inside the rack cabinets, maintaining ideal operating temperatures.

Italian excellence
Thanks to our experience, we can adapt our solutions to your needs.
DDR4-1866/2133 ECC Registered DIMM
Power supply
Redundant 800W ATX active PFC AC INPUT:100-240V 50-60Hz 10A-4A
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight | Tower
178 mm x 437 mm x 648 mm | About 30.5 kg for average configuration
Dimensions (L x H x D) and weight | Rack437 mm x 178 mm x 648 mm | About 30.5 kg for average configuration

Our added value


After-sales assistance

Specialist technical assistance is provided by our in-house departments for repairs and critical issues.

The products are handled by our company, where they are repaired or replaced and are not sent to anonymous repair centres.


European testing and certification

More than a specific stage, this is a method of production and materials selection that has developed over the years.

We want to certify the origin of components and guarantee the reliability of the solutions and systems we offer to customers.


Customized warranty

The standard warranty agreement we offer to our distributors starts at a period of 3 years.

According to individual cases we seek to establish warranties that meet customer requirements. There is the opportunity to change the place at which repairs are carried out, as well as the total duration of guarantee.


High levels of customization

The Servers Idas 4000, even in the standard version, offer the possibility of combination in various configurations that adapt to different needs.

Our design and production department is nevertheless capable of handling any special requests to deal with specific needs in particular environments.


Why does fans' speed increase?
Fans speed could increase if one fan doesn’t work. In this situation the left fans could increase their speed to keep cooling system working.
Does the Server make high noise?
Server Idas 4000 makes high level of noise because of its 3 internal fans, necessary for maintaining an optimal inside temperature.
Can the Server be easily integrated with other software?
It can be integrated with all industrial software in use. We can also install common automation software, with the possibility of testing them before series production.

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