Intercomp in Parma for SPS Italia 2023

The SPS Italia exhibition, the reference event for the Italian industry and manufacturing sector, will take place in Parma from 23 to 25 May 2023.

Intercomp will exhibit by presenting its range of products dedicated to industrial automation, the custom solutions created for important companies and the new lines of devices for Industry 4.0.

The position of our booth is the same as in the previous edition: we will always exhibit in hall 6 at booth K014.

SPS Italia 2023 exhibition

WHEN: Tuesday 23 – Wednesday 24 – Thursday 25 | May 2023


WHERE: Parma fairground | BOOTH K014HALL 6


HOURS: 9.30 – 18.00

SPS Italia exhibition

SPS Italia exhibition in Parma is the event organized by Messe Frankfurt Italia which over the years has become an international point of reference for the intelligent, digital and flexible industry sector.

It is a key appointment for updating and discussing the state of the art of industrial automation and Industry 4.0, including news and challenges for the future.

In the 2022 edition there were over 36 thousand visitors and 802 exhibitors, distributed in the various halls of Parma fairground.

    The data analysis of the last edition is very useful for differentiating the type of public that participates in the exhibition, differentiating it by industrial sector, business function and business activity.

    In summary, the best three percentages are differentiated as follows.


    ① Electronics/Electrotechnical – 15,6%

    ② Machine tools/Robotics- 13,4%

    ③ Mechanical/Iron & steel industry- 10,4%


    ① R&S/Technical department/Design- 33,5%

    ② Owner/Chief Executive Officer/General Manager – 20,3%

    ③ Production/Maintenance/Logistics/Quality control – 18,8%


    ① OEM (Machine builder, production systems) – 53,5%

    ② Distributor/Wholesaler- 14,9%

    ③ End user – 11,1%

      SPS Italia 2023 exhibition data analysis
      SPS Italia 2023 exhibition data analysis
      SPS Italia 2023 exhibition data analysis
      SPS Italia 2023 exhibition data analysis

      What we will present at SPS Italia

      We will organize our exhibition space by installing the best of our production for industrial automation, with a perfect mix of catalogue products, customized solutions created for important companies and new arrivals that we will present during SPS Italia.


      After the official presentation in the last edition, at SPS Italia 2023 we will present the entire iCOMAC 9000 series (console, PC and monitor) updated after almost a year of improvements and updates studied by our technical office. We remind that this is a series of devices specifically designed for Industry 4.0, ideal for any context and UL certified.


      Tra le soluzioni progettate e prodotte dalla nostra azienda saranno presenti le linee a catalogo di PC panel, monitor industriali e PC box, con una novità proprio in merito a quest’ultima categoria: un PC box di recente progettazione appena realizzato. Ritorneranno anche quest’anno il totem per ambienti industriali e il carrello informatizzato, la soluzione mobile di supporto all’operatore.


      We will install inside the booth some custom solutions, designed and produced together with important Italian and international manufacturers. These are devices created starting from extremely specialized processes based on close collaboration with the customer, the result of which is the sum of the skills of both parties involved.


      In addition to the hardware devices, we will bring to the exhibition both the Movicon™ industrial software series created by Emerson Automation and IXON Cloud solutions dedicated to remote access. In fact, we will propose a hardware-software-remote access bundle, with the aim of offering all interested customers a complete solution able of satisfying all the needs present within an industrial production context.


      Among the latest solutions that we will present in preview during SPS Italia there will be a new series of HMI panels, available in various sizes, which we have chosen to respond to the ever-increasing requests relating to this type of device. In addition to the HMIs, a prototype of a very recently designed custom solution will be installed in the centre of our booth: a console with a completely glass front.

      The new console and 40 years of Intercomp

      We can anticipate only a few details of the new console made entirely within our company, designed and produced in a single specimen, a prototype that will be exhibited exclusively for SPS Italia: a console with a front curved glass with a pushbutton panel.

      2023 also represents an important appointment for Intercomp, which celebrates 40 years of activity which began in 1983. It will be a time to celebrate and observe the long way travelled, full of satisfactions and successes, in addition to the changes that have unavoidable within a sector such as technology and information technology.

      Logo Intercomp 40 anni

      How to reach our booth

      For this edition we have confirmed the position already occupied in 2022, therefore the booth is number K014, inside hall 6.

      This is an easily accessible location, next to the West entrance and refreshment area. Here are some indications from two different directions.

      From the West entrance

      Our booth is located right near the West entrance, in the corner next to the refreshment area.

      From hall 5

      Coming from hall 5, simply cross hall 6 and continue towards the West entrance.

      SPS Italia 2023 map

      Book your ticket by entering our “Friends Card” code during registration, you will be entitled to free parking and coffee break.


      Intercomp S.p.A.

      Since 1983, we have been designing and manufacturing Panel PCs, Monitors, and Industrial PCs in Italy. Our mission is to enhance the design and functionality of the interfaces between humans and machines, making each interaction unique.

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