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The medical division was set up after a long and fruitful period of experience producing customised solutions for companies working in that sector. Companies that needed a partner that was able to autonomously manage the planning, prototype and production phases culminating in a final product that conformed to sector regulations.



Our hardware solutions for the health sector aim to control and manage hospital organisations flexibly and intuitively. To that end we offer both standard products and customised services, designed to provide unique solutions for specific sectors.


High calculating capabilities

The hardware for the medical sector is able to manage any kind of software without becoming overloaded and this allows for a smooth and efficient work flow.


Strong graphic capabilities

The graphic capabilities of the medical sector products are significant and they also have a multi-touch system that allows staff to interact with the medical report.


Suitable for h24 use

All of our products for the medical sector are designed and produced for continual use thus guaranteeing hospital staff the certainty of fundamental technological support.



The medical solutions are devices that are the result of a close collaboration with the biggest Italian healthcare organisations and that aim at resolving the most common recurring problems.

Thanks to our planning and production department however we are also able to completely customise the hardware solutions to provide a unique product.



Our products boast a high level of adaptability thanks to the approach established during the planning stage that aimed at making all our products multi-use in line with everyday needs.

An innovative technology factory

The design, planning and production of the hardware all takes places on our premises. That’s why we make your problems our problems, and provide effective solutions that we come up with specifically for your structure.

Made in Italy

A fundamental value to get quality technology.

Versatile solutions

Technological and management support designed to cover a range of functions in the best possible way.

Be different, give a qualitative service



All of our products can be sanitized and sterilised using standard hospital procedures. They have a high level of protection against dirt and liquids. For example, the ergonomic keyboards are guaranteed to an IP68 index.


Autonomous h24 power supply

Intercomp hardware for the healthcare sector has an autonomous power supply that makes the devices very flexible and high performing. It can also be fitted with a battery charger which guarantees a h24 power supply.


Adjustable work tops

The IT trolleys that we produce are extremely functional. They have a solid fully adjustable structure which has been designed to be shock absorbent and remain rigid during use. Different models can be adjusted in different ways such as height, monitor positioning or the hide-away keyboard.


Touchscreen monitor

The monitors installed on the IT trolleys for medical use have very sophisticated touchscreen technology and can be used whilst wearing rubber work gloves.


Electronic clinical file

The hospitals of the future use our solutions because the validity and intuitive value of electronic data provides medical staff with tremendously reliable scientific back up.



Our technologies aim to make on-going nursing and medical activities safe, simple and effective by being able to use our devices everywhere within the hospital structure.


Is it possible to easily clean the product?

All of our products conform to the hygiene regulations in place in hospital facilities. They can be cleaned with specific products that are used in healthcare environments.

How long does the warranty period last?

The warranty period covers products and accessories for medical use for 5 years; in this period original spare parts are always available. Our warranty service is efficient and timely because we are strongly present in our territory.

Are the products protected from the entry of liquids?

The IT products for medical use were made of waterproof materials. The most exposed parts have an IP65 level of protection, so it is possible to use the machine in critic conditions but keeping at the same time the maximum level of functionality.

Do the products support medical softwares?

Our products easily support the most used software both in hospital organisations and in private clinics.

Intercomp S.p.A.

Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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