Trolley 185 medical kit

Trolley 185 medical kit is a solution composed of a PC, a multi-touch touchscreen display and a keyboard. It is a product suitable for any use and application, equipped with an integrated wireless system that allows easy connection to the hospital network.

Superior performance

The Trolley 185 hospital kit includes a super-compact PC that can guarantee high performance and space saving at the same time.

The performance capabilities of the PC can satisfy even the most demanding environments thanks to Intel® processors and graphics.


18.5" touchscreen display

The Trolley 185 kit for hospital use is equipped with a large 18.5″ glass display, which can be sanitized with any product used in healthcare environments.

The display is designed with a multi-touch touchscreen system that allows multiple simultaneous touches.


Keyboard and support

Trolley 185 kit for hospital use also includes a medical silicone keyboard with IP68 protection and perfectly sanitizable.

The keyboard is fixed on a support on which a VESA arm is installed, which allows to hook monitor and PC.


Predisposed for medical trolleys

The Trolley 185 medical kit is designed to be used on an hospital cart Trolley but is potentially able to be adapted even to more complex structures.

It can be integrated with various types of smart batteries, designed specifically for healthcare equipment.

Italian excellence
All the solutions are made exclusively in our production department.
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
CertificationCE, RoHS
Dimensions (L x H x D)
454 mm x 415 mm x 233 mm (including keyboard support)
Operative temperature
From +5°C to +35°C

Improve efficiency in healthcare organisations



The Trolley 185 medical kit comes with a range of possible configurations as standard.

However, our planning and production teams are only too happy to intervene should those configurations not meet the needs of the hospital organisation or if other functions are required of this device.


Structure can be cleaned in line with sector regulations

All of the exposed parts of the Trolley 185 medical kit structure are very easy to clean.

The display glass complies with the standards in use in hospital organisation as well as the connected medical keyboard, with IP68 degree of protection.


The quality is in the detail

There is attention to detail in every part of the design and production process, which comes from experience and the synergy that grows between the teams involved in the development and management of each project.

For example we decide to fit out the medical kit with a double connection for headphones on the front side and with a 4K video output, to give complete solutions.


Real benefits

The high level of satisfaction that this device brings to different working environments, wards, departments and the patients, is real and instant.

The error threshold is reduced, the hospital structure is strengthened and valuable multimedia and computerized structures are being used that can be adapted to multiple uses with great flexibility.

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