iCOMED medical computer

iCOMED medical computer and PC is an innovative battery-powered solution with capacitive multi-touch touchscreen system and Full HD resolution. It is a product suitable for any use and application, which can be installed both on a fixed station and on computerized cart and equipped with an integrated wireless system, which allows connection to the hospital network.


Fanless Full HD display

Computer and medical PC iCOMED is equipped with a large 22″ or 24″ glass display, certified for hospital environments, and therefore can be sanitized with any product used in healthcare environments.

The display is designed with a capacitive multi-touch touchscreen system that allows 10 simultaneous touches and maintains a high graphic output thanks to the Full HD resolution.



The medical PC can be equipped with a series of hardware and software integrations that make it even more functional for the digital management of the activities in the ward and the electronic medical record.

One of these is certainly the integrated RFID reader, a feature that can improve the operation of the device even within healthcare and hospital environments.


High performance

iCOMED medical computer and PC is a product that can be configured according to the specific needs of each hospital environment and therefore to the type of work for which it is used.

PC performance can in fact satisfy any type of need, thanks to the range of Intel® processors that can provide multiple levels of performance based on type and version.


Hot swap batteries

The iCOMED PC is powered by three batteries to be inserted inside a mobile station, facilitating activities in the department. The average duration ranges from 8 to 16 hours, depending on the type of use.

Charging the batteries is very fast, as it takes about 3 hours to go from 0 to 100%. It is a hot swap type, so they are removable with the computer running without loss of operation.


Charging station

The medical PC has an advanced charging station for medical environments. The peculiar design can avoid the accumulation of dust both inside the battery housing and above the station itself.

This particular charging station allows to charge up to six batteries simultaneously, in about 3 hours and a half, thus ensuring continuous efficiency for all devices in use.



iCOMED medical PC is a device that has certifications and standards dedicated to hospital environments and can also be used within the most delicate departments.

The safety and types of use of the PC are in fact guaranteed by the CE certification and by the safety standard, reserved for medical devices, IEC EN 60601-1-2.

Excellence solutions

Advanced medical devices for efficient and safe hospital management.

Display22″ – 24″ | 1920×1080
TouchscreenCapacitive multi-touch up to 10 simultaneous touches
Camera and microphoneIntegrated
Cooling systemFanless
CertificationsCE (IEC EN 60601-1-2), RoHS
Front panelABS+PC plastic with anti-bacterial material
Degree of protection
IP65 front | IP32 back
Dimensions and weight (22″)
543 x 350 x 71 mm | 7.07 kg without batteries | 8.43 kg with 3 batteries
Dimensions and weight (24″)595 x 380 x 71 mm | 8.18 kg without batteries | 9.53 kg with 3 batteries
Operating temperature
From 0°C to +40°C

Increase the efficiency of healthcare facilities


Highly customizable

Computer and medical PC iCOMED designed for healthcare and hospital use has a wide range of possible different configurations already in the standard version.

The production and design departments are in any case ready to intervene if the existing configurations do not meet the specific requirements or if additional functionalities are required.


Sanitizable structure

The design of the iCOMED medical PC is designed to be sanitized in all exposed parts and to avoid the accumulation of dust on the surface at the same time.

The glass display of this PC complies with the standards in use in hospitals and healthcare facilities and is equipped with a degree of protection on the front that reaches IP65.


Quality details

All the details of this medical computer are studied in detail, thanks to the experience and synergies that arise during the development and management of projects.

In this case we chose a solution that, through a modern design, could overcome the functional problems typical of hospital departments such as the potential accumulation of germs or dust.


Real benefit

Digitization produces a real and immediate degree of satisfaction, in various delicate and potentially critical environments such as hospital wards, environments with the presence of patients and in wards.

Thanks to these solutions, the error threshold is reduced, the hospital structure is strengthened and the use of valuable multimedia and computerized devices suitable for multiple uses begins.

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