IT medical cart trolleys

Computerised medical cart trolleys

The IT cart trolleys for the healthcare sector are the result of research with professionals from that field that enabled us to develop specific technologies for the wards that conform to regulations and can be used to deliver a super-efficient healthcare service.

Eidos IT cart trolley

A complete solution for ward use with a battery pack, PC and keyboard.

It’s a device that is able to significantly increase efficiency in hospital departments and to be easily integrated into any organisation.

Kinetic IT cart trolley

A device for companies that want to integrate it with an existing PC and thereby reduce digitalisation costs.

The distinguishing feature is the adjustable work top height that means it can also be used from a sitting position.

Motus IT cart Trolley

A very light device with a minimal but very practical structure.

It can be easily integrated with any existing solution already present in the medical and hospital structure, thereby reducing the economic impact.

Motus Plus IT cart trolley

A complete computerized cart, with integrated monitor, battery and medical PC.

It is a device able to provide all the support necessary for ward operations with maximum efficiency and excellent maneuverability.

EIDOS IT cart trolley

An efficient and complete solution for use in the ward.

KINETIC IT cart trolley

A solution that can integrate any existing system already present, with adjustable work top.

MOTUS IT cart trolley

An IT Cart Trolley for ward use that can integrate any existing solution already present.

MOTUS PLUS IT cart trolley

A complete solution for every healthcare structure.

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