Eidos IT cart trolley for medical use

The Eidos IT cart trolley is designed to meet the specific needs of some hospital organisations. We have constantly improved on both the electronic and mechanical structures of the device over the years until we obtained a powerful and versatile solution that enormously improves the quality of a hospital or healthcare system.


10-touches capacitive touchscreen

The computer display installed on the IT medical trolley uses a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen system up to 10 contemporary touches.

The system is very sensitive and accurate and can be used with rubber gloves without losing any of that accuracy.


Superior standard of hygiene

The maximum level of hygiene is a priority when designing the IT medical trolleys. In fact, this solution is designed so that every single part of the trolley can be reached and cleaned.

The keyboard has an IP68 level of protection which protects it from the entry of dust or liquid.

For cleaning the device it is possible to use specific products in use in the healthcare environment.


Advanced autonomy

The Eidos medical IT trolley doesn’t needs a charging station because the battery supply and the charge indicator are integrated into the same structure.

The lead gel charging pack can last for approximately 8 hours when in continuous use before it needs to be recharged.


Large display reclinable

Eidos medical IT trolley has been improved over time and a particularly functional model is now available for the healthcare sector.

The cart is equipped with a 21.5” display LCD LED Full-HD, which is vertically reclinable, and with a medical keyboard placed in the lower compartment.


Maximum level elaborating capabilities

The Intel® processors are able to provide the IT trolleys with superior elaborating capabilities, in order to manage particularly substantial operations.

These devices are able to reproduce and elaborate large multimedia medical files which require the use of programs for the visualisation of bigger data.


Created for continuous use

The computer installed to support the trolley, as well as the trolley itself, is tested for continuous use at full capacity.

Italian excellence
All the solutions are made exclusively in our production department.
TouchscreenMultitouch up to 10 touches simultaneously
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
CertificationsCE, RoHS

An efficient hospital organisation


The solutions can be cleaned with hospital products

The medical solutions are tested and certified in line with the regulations in place in hospital facilities.

The structure is such that it is easy to clean in every single part.



The Eidos medical IT trolley is designed to effectively meet the most common needs in this sector.

However, we also offer a service that allows us to analyse our clients’ needs and develop customised solutions so that all their particular requirements are met.


Increased efficiency

The medical IT trolleys have proved to be exceptional solutions for all those who have used them.

Their main strengths can be found in the fact that they reduce the margin of error and increase the efficiency of healthcare processes.

Eidos cart trolley can easily manage both complex operations and ordinary processes in healthcare organisations.


The quality is in the detail

Creating top quality solutions in the healthcare field is usually the result of attention to detail when choosing the components and their mechanics, both in the planning and production phases.

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