Motus IT cart trolley for medical use

The medical Motus cart trolley is an agile support for all of the hospital operation, in order to manage and consult efficiently any file inside the clinic reports.


Reclinable VESA connector

Motus medical IT cart trolley can be used by any healthcare organisation which intends to update its wards, but at the same time keep some of the existing equipment.

The mechanical arm can be reclined depending on the angle of vision. The standard VESA connector means that any All-In-One medical use PC can be attached as indeed can any other predisposed device already in use.


Superior standard of hygiene

All the medical IT cart trolleys are designed to meet the hygiene norms that are present in the organisations in which they will be installed.

All the tools that are bought together with the device come with a superior level of protection, like the keyboard which has an IP68 level.


Long lasting battery

The cart trolley can assist healthcare staff with an autonomy of up to 6 hours, depending on the workload and the status of the battery.

The 6 hours average is based on a medium to high operational use.


High manoeuvrability

The Motus trolley is a practical and easily manoeuvrable device inside hospital facilities.

The 125 mm antistatic wheels and the ergonomic front handle make it ideal for easy handling even in the presence of small inclinations.

The storage compartment and document holder allow staff to have all the tools available at all times.

Italian excellence
All the solutions are made exclusively in our production department.
Battery group capacity39 Ah
Battery charger power supplyFull range 100-240 V
Dimensions (L x H x D)
1457 mm x 563 mm x 650 mm
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Battery typeLead gel
WheelsAnti-static, diameter 125 mm
Reclinable monitorFrom 9° to 30°

An efficient hospital organisation


Solutions that can be cleaned with standard issue hospital products

Our solutions for the hospital sector are the result of a collaboration with staff who work in this sector, with the aim of meeting the common needs of most healthcare organisations.

All of our products conform to the hygiene regulations in place in hospital facilities.


Increased efficiency

The level of ward efficiency significantly increases in the organisations that adopt an IT cart trolley, for example with a significant reduction in human error in the administration of medicines.

There is also an increase in efficiency and speed in the management of ward activities.



Motus medical IT cart trolley has a basic structure so that even those organisations which have a limited budget can afford to update.

The IT trolley can be configured however and thus transformed into a more sophisticated model, fitted with an All-In-One PC or other options so that it can be developed into a unique solution designed to meet specific needs.


The quality is in the detail

This cart trolley has been studied in great detail so that the end product boasts a modern design but is at the same time highly functional.

It’s a non-bulky appliance that uses alloy and other materials to make it particularly light and easy to handle by all healthcare staff.

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