Motus Plus IT cart trolley for medical use

The Motus Plus IT cart is a complete solution, thanks to the integrated PC and monitor. It is ideal for any structure that needs a device comprehensive of all the tools necessary to computerize the procedures in the ward.


High degree of sanitation

The Motus Plus trolley, due to its intended use, is designed to be easily sanitized in its entirety with products in use in the healthcare sector.

All components have high protection standards that allow the device to meet the requirements of the hospital environments in which it is used.

For example, the silicone keyboard with integrated touchpad has an IP68 protection rating and can be sanitized in the same way as the other parts.


Two-touches capacitive touchscreen

The display installed on the medical cart uses a sophisticated capacitive technology with two simultaneous touches that allows operators to interact with the device in an easy and intuitive way.

The precise and sensitive touchscreen can also be used by wearing latex gloves, without decreasing the level of accuracy of the device.


Long lasting battery

The Motus Plus trolley battery is designed to guarantee great autonomy and efficiency, with a duration of approximately 8 hours of use.

There is also a charge indicator that allows you to constantly monitor the battery level and warn operators when it is low.


18.5" adjustable display

The Motus Plus medical cart features an integrated 18.5″ Wide 16:9 LCD display, which allows a clear view and ideal interaction with the touchscreen.

It is possible to adjust and incline the screen in order to manage each operation in the most efficient and practical way from any position.


Integrated medical PC

The Motus Plus computerized medical cart, in addition to the screen, is designed to be integrated with a PC for medical use.

It is a device equipped with Intel® processors and internal expandable memory.

I/O ports are electrically isolated to ensure the highest degree of security in the hospital environment in which it is used.


Excellent manoeuvrability

Motus Plus is an easily manoeuvrable trolley, thanks to the 125 mm antistatic swivel wheels (two with brakes) and the ergonomic front handle, even in presence of small gradients.

The medical staff can also have a compartment for objects and documents to comfortably manage all the necessary tools for their work.

Italian excellence
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Monitor18.5″ | LCD 16:9 Wide
TouchscreenCapacitive up to two simultaneous touches
Supported operating systemsAny kind of software
Medical PC certifications
DisplayAdjustable inclination
Resolution1366 x 768
ConnectivityWi-Fi integrated
Wheels125 mm | Antistatic and swivel
KeyboardMedical type in sanitizable silicone

An efficient hospital organisation


A complete solution

The Motus Plus medical computer cart is a solution that integrates medical monitors and PC, creating a complete and therefore extremely efficient device.

It is the ideal choice for all those structures that need a finished product, which includes all the necessary tools for ward operations.


Sanitation with standard hospital products

Our medical solutions are tested and certified to be in line with the safety standards in force in hospital environments.

The Motus Plus medical trolley can be completely sanitized, even in the less exposed parts, with products used in healthcare facilities.


Highly customizable

The design of our medical computerized trolleys is realized to answer effectively to the needs of the sector.

Intercomp, as for any other product, guarantees a personalization of the devices in line with the specific requests of the customer, to create a customized product.


Efficiency and quality

The efficiency of medical computerized trolleys is measured above all by reducing the margin of error, with consequent benefits for patients and for the quality of the operators’ work.

Likewise, the quality of hospital facilities can be greatly increased through the use of technologically modern and reliable tools.

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