Battery for healthcare appliances

Smart Battery 480 is an excellent device developed for both our solutions and portable medical appliances already on the market. It’s a solution that can be used with various devices and has got an ample range of voltage outputs.


Battery pack for healthcare sector

Smart Battery 480 can be adapted to any existing medical appliance already in use.


Ample range of voltage outputs

A wide range of standard voltage outputs are available in order to ensure maximum compatibility: 5/6/9/12/13.5/18/24 VDC. A customised output voltage of between 5 and 24 VDC may be requested.


Continuous use

The battery is designed to guarantee up to 100 W of power supplied and up to 480 Wh, for an average duration of 8 hours with constant and high-level operations, without the need for close charging cycles.


Pack system with lock

The battery pack can be locked once installed in the backplane.

Italian brilliance

Thanks to our experience, we are able to adapt our solutions to your needs.

Charging timeAbout 6 hours
Battery dimensions (L x H x D) 239 mm x 109.5 mm x 444.5 mm
Charge indicator dimensions (L x H x D)88 mm x 104 mm x 33 mm
CertificationsCE, RoHS

Hospital efficiency


European Production Certification

All medical use products conform to specific regulations that allow us to certify the validity of our solutions.

This is even more important in environments which must adhere to certain safety protocols, such as the hospital.


The quality is in the detail

All our products are subjected to tests to check the resistance of the materials used and to guarantee their quality.

Our choices are founded on our experience in the area of planning and producing hardware for industrial contexts as well as hospital environments.

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