Termoscanner: security in access control for any type of context

Thermoscanners, thermal cameras and digital infrared thermometers

Thermoscanners, thermal cameras and digital infrared thermometers are devices used to guarantee safety in key points such as access to public and private environments. These are solutions capable of covering different types of contexts and which differ above all on the basis of the flow of people who daily access the manned place.

Vendita Acquisto Termoscanner

InterCheck thermoscanner

A Plug & Play device able to quickly detect the temperature and the presence of the mask, contactless.

It can be integrated with software and security systems and do not require the presence or assistance of security staff.


What is and how much does a thermoscanner costs

⭕️ What is it? It is a technology designed for detecting body temperature.

⭕️ Is it mandatory? It is not mandatory by law but is recommended to ensure greater safety in any public environment.

⭕️ What are the types? We have identified three categories: contactless mobile digital thermometer, fixed totem thermoscanner and fixed thermal camera. They differ according to the flow of people they need to monitor and the consequences in relation to the cost.

⭕️ Which solution to choose? It is important to establish first the real needs related to the accesses for which the device is installed.

⭕️ What are the prices on average? They vary according to the complexity of the technology used, in any case there are products on the market ranging from 90 euros to 16 thousand euros.

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