Intercheck thermoscanner, the turnkey multi-purpose temperature detector

The use of the access control device for measuring temperature (thermoscanner or thermo detector) with facial recognition is an essential tool for offices and environments open to the public. It is a Plug & Play tool operating from the installation that does not require the use of security personnel.



Precise contactless temperature detection

The device allows a temperature measurement up to 1 meter.

The detection time is very fast: after a few seconds from the moment the user positions himself, it can identify whether the subject has alert conditions or not.


Plug & Play

The thermoscanner does not require specific skills: once installed and set it can be used without any type of external support.

This is an element that distinguishes it from other solutions, such as temperature detection guns, which instead should always be used in the presence of trained personnel in charge of ensuring control and safety of the environment.


Industrial infrared binocular camera

The device is designed and built according to industrial production criteria: it is therefore suitable for critical contexts, it is resistant to dust and is designed for continuous use.

The camera can operate with 99% tested accuracy in any conditions. Thanks to infrared technology, it can also be used in poorly lit environments.

Thermo camera and thermoscanner


8" LCD available in different versions

The 8” LCD display with LED technology is equipped with a structure resistant to shocks and liquids.

It can also be installed on 60, 110 and 138 cm aluminium load-bearing structures that can be customized with coloured LEDs.


Local alert

The thermoscanner solution is already set up with an integrated alarm system capable of signalling two eventualities:

  • if the body temperature is above 37.5 ° C;
  • if the person who is trying to enter is without a mask.

When these conditions occur, an audible alarm is activated automatically, to which a block to access can be integrated, thereby closing the passage.


Possibility of integration

The thermoscanner can be easily integrated into a basic security system configured for the control of an access point. In case of criticality the device can block the various turnstiles or doors.

Any software integration via API with systems belonging to the environment in which it is installed can be supported and the device can also automatically provides a series of reports about the entrances, respecting the GDPR regulation.

Italian excellence

Thanks to our experience we adapt our solutions to your needs.

Display8″ LCD with LED technology
Detection distanceUp to 1 meter
TouchscreenPCAP type with multi-touch | Can be used also with work gloves
PedestalCustomizable | 4 versions available
Side handlesAnodized aluminium
Display resolution800×1280

Quality ICT services

Thermo camera for COVID temperature

Acceptance and quality tests

All the thermoscanners sold are tested to ensure compliance with the regulations in force in the European Union. We therefore carry out the acceptance test to verify its behaviour under specific stress conditions and compliance with the necessary safety requirements.

All test results can be consulted and 100% traceable by our customers, who by accessing our assistance systems will be able to check the status of the individual components or of the device itself.


Delivery with customer requirements

The list of components is agreed in the initial phase directly with our customers, to clarify costs immediately.

In fact, we believe that clarity is an essential requirement to offer quality solutions and to create the right synergy in relationships.

Thermoscanner COVID

Advanced support

Intercomp with its technical support intends to guarantee maximum safety for the public environments of our customers, always ensuring maximum efficiency of the solutions sold.

Through a solid relationship it is possible to benefit from concrete help in choosing the most efficient and reliable solution.



Our production line has been structured to allow efficient quality control for each product.

The European Certification, in addition to the other specific certifications with which this device is equipped, represents only one of the results of the numerous tests that we carry out on our devices.

For this type of product, we have also adopted new production and process protocols that ensure maximum guarantee for the end user.

Useful information

What is the thermoscanner?

It is a hardware and software technology for the remote measurement of body temperature parameters. There are different types of thermoscanners that vary according to the context of use and the manufacturer who makes the solution.

The device monitors body temperature but its functions can also be enriched with the detection of other parameters useful for safety purposes inside the rooms.

Is the thermoscanner a mandatory tool?

Thermoscanners will become an essential tool in all public and private environments. Mandatory by law or as a precautionary measure, this device will spread to all sectors and throughout the territory.

We feel safer to enter a monitored environment, to send our children to structures that guarantee their safety. So today we are not dealing with mandatory instruments, but with devices necessary for social well-being.

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Our success has its roots in the technical experience that we have acquired over the years and it is this experience that allows us to offer avant-garde Hardware solutions, both standard and made to measure, that are completely in line with customer requirements.

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