What is and how much does the thermoscanner cost

In recent weeks a new technology for the detection of temperature and for the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as the mask, has spread widely.

We believe it is appropriate to clarify these new products by identifying the macro-themes that can guide you to the best purchase choice based on your real needs.

What is the thermoscanner?

It is a hardware and software technology for the remote measurement of body temperature parameters. There are different types of thermal scanners that vary according to the context of use and the manufacturer who makes the solution.

Is the thermoscanner mandatory by law?

The thermal scanner is not currently mandatory by law, however it is a recommended tool in order to guarantee greater safety for all people who access the environment we manage. It is not even sure that its use is imposed, but its presence will certainly become an evaluation parameter for our daily choices.

To give an example, will we enter more easily in environments equipped with a temperature detector? And will we feel more confident if our children attend schools equipped with a thermal scanner?

What are the various types of thermoscanners?

There are different types of thermal scanners and each manufacturer differentiates the solution based on market needs and its ability to adapt.

We have identified three categories of products.

Comparison of types of thermoscanners

① Mobile battery-powered thermal scanner/contactless thermometer (the “gun” temperature detector)

It is a mobile solution, generally with batteries, even if there are some types that can be connected to the power supply. The infrared thermometer often requires the presence of a trained employee, a security person in charge of access control.


  • measurement up to one meter away;
  • the operator is free to supervise more than one entrance;
  • it is suitable for contexts with reduced number of accesses.


  • the presence of a security officer is often required;
  • it is not possible to automatically check the presence of the mask;
  • if powered with batteries it must be recharged periodically;
  • it cannot be integrated with other hardware peripherals or with access systems;
  • it is not recommended for places with an average number of accesses.


② Fixed station/stand for temperature detection


This is the solution suitable for most businesses that have daily access for employees and visitors. The product is available in various versions and with different types of pedestal, which can be integrated into standard or specially made structures.


  • measurement up to one meter away;
  • automatic control of the correct use of the masks;
  • sound and visual alarm integrated in the system;
  • it can be integrated within specially made mechanical structures, with additional peripherals, (for example hand/foot sanitation tools);
  • it is connectable with other peripherals such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader, 2D barcode reader;
  • it can be integrated with access systems to gates, turnstiles, doors.


  • it requires a team for installation or any additions to the access system.


③ Fixed thermal camera

It is a technologically advanced solution that uses a system capable of detecting groups of people simultaneously. The thermal camera is a suitable solution for places with high access such as airports and stations, where up to 30 people are analysed simultaneously.


  • measurement tens of meters away;
  • multiple detection (up to 30 people simultaneously);
  • can be integrated with other access systems;
  • automatic control of the correct use of the masks.


  • high price due to the combination of services (installation, software integration, additional hardware, calibration black box, …);
  • it requires a team for installation and integration with the access system;
  • it requires a periodic check-up for calibration;
  • it provides support from a security management team.


Thermoscanners or thermal cameras, which solution to use?

Obviously, it depends on the context of use and therefore it is not possible to decide which solution to use. However, we can provide some clarifications:

  • the mobile thermal scanner is certainly the cheapest tool “on paper” but always requires the use of security personnel;
  • the thermoscanner is the solution that adapts to the greatest number of contexts and is the easiest to use. It does not require a specific safety device and can be adopted in environments with medium access flow;
  • the fixed thermal camera is the most advanced and performing instrument, but it also costs three times than a normal thermoscanner. Therefore, it is advisable to use it in the presence of an effectively consistent access flow that must be addressed quickly, coordinating with multiple access points simultaneously.

How much does a thermoscanner cost, what are the prices?

The prices of the thermal scanners vary according to the technology and the manufacturers, which are mainly Chinese, European and American.

On average, the price ranges from a minimum of 90 euros to a maximum of 16 thousand euros. Within this range there are a multitude of related services and customizations that characterize the individual solutions. Mobile thermal cameras and thermoscanners are placed in the lower price range while fixed thermal cameras are positioned in the higher ones.

We are available for anyone interested in a quote of a thermoscanner or to know the price of thermal cameras. Our sales office will provide all the necessary information.

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