What you absolutely must consider when choosing a Multimedia Stand

In our modern model of society it is normal to exchange information of all kinds and in all places.

The medium through which these content is transmitted is constantly evolving. If the first advertising methods used giant billboards or essentially paper-based information, Digital Signage is now becoming increasingly popular.

What is Digital Signage

Digital Signage includes a wide range of technological devices, usually composed of large digital screens, that transmit different kind of content, created and customized by the device operator.

If at first the installed screens were nothing more than the digital transposition of the static paper advertisements, the technology has evolved more and more up to the transmission of dynamic information in various formats (video, audio, photo).

But what distinguishes this form of communication from all other previously used is interactivity. Modern devices are designed to induce to action, to capture attention through a kind of “dialogue”.

How to choose according to the type of use

To create an effective campaign of Digital Signage is necessary to evaluate carefully about what type of use you want to use your own device. The choice is wide but often decisive, since it is a constantly evolving world.

This is demonstrated by the increasing use of flexible screens, which allow design installations with extraordinary visual effects. These displays can be placed in locations with high visibility, without being affected by the surface curvatures but turning them into a strong point, this gives them a surprising aesthetic impact.

In any case it is possible to distinguish the Digital Signage instruments on the type of use and content.

⭕️ Useful information and services, such as the displays available at a railway station showing train timetables or those installed by the Municipalities in order to communicate useful communications to citizenship, but also videos or simplified tutorial which provide those who need it the manner in which to perform a specific operation. Usually do not allow feedback from the user, but it can be alerted in real time of any variation or change.

⭕️ Advertising content, that is classic advertising aimed at the spread of a trademark, but reaches more effective levels through total customization of the message, its dynamism (different screens can alternate) and the possibility to spread various formats of content (video, audio and images) to better attract the attention of the customer. Recent data says that more than 60% of people make a purchase choice within a store. So with a strategy of effective Digital Signage it is possible to greatly increase the volume of sales.

⭕️ Interactive content, that allows the device to “dialogue” with the customer. These products appear to be itself an attraction for people, but become even more for what products can do: check availability in stock, book clothing, print receipts, documents or tickets… The wide range of possible operations through these devices over the years will be more and more varied, coming to be present in virtually every aspect of our lives.

How to choose the right device for your needs

And finally, here are three advices for efficient use of Digital Signage devices and to choose the most suitable one.

➡️ COMPONENTS. It is important to keep in mind all the elements that make up a Digital Signage solution, for managing them in the future and at the same time aware of their investment, often quite important. They can be hardware, software, design, in practice what it can do, in order to adapt it to their real needs.

➡️ OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGIES. We need to know exactly where we want to go and how. Using one device over another can guarantee a higher gear but at the same time can be counterproductive, for example, in some places the user interactivity can attract, in others reject. Content must be selected and transmitted in a very precise way, to intercept in a specific manner the kind of audience that you want to have but also not to be boring, repetitive or too invasive.

➡️ CUSTOMISATION. In a world where technologies become virtually obsolete in a short time, it is essential to make choices that look to the future. You should choose technologies that allow a long life to the device and whose components can be easily replaced or updated over the years. It is also preferable to have a tool with a high degree of customisation, with the possibility of having a product that responds specifically to the needs of those who buy it.

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