How to enhance the IoT data

The new IoT (Internet of Things) technology enables smart and fast connections for each device, which is therefore able to communicate and exchange information.

But what happens to this large amount of produced and exchanged data? How is possible to use it best in order to exploit even more the great potential that this technology makes available?

The “Osservatori Digital Innovation” of the School of Management from Politecnico di Milano identify in a report five ways of exploitation of data from IoT systems.

Big data

When we talk about big data we refer to huge amounts of data which necessarily must be managed through procedures, appropriate methodologies and tools in order to be useful and not to remain a cluster of information without any purpose.

Now in every area of our lives there are technologies that produce big data which, however, must be filtered, selected, interpreted and then used to give greater value and effectiveness to a specific activity.

How to exploit the data generated by IoT

As mentioned earlier, according to a study by “Osservatori Digital Innovation” there are five enhancement methodologies of the data coming from the IoT.

⭕️ Optimization of internal processes: within a production line big data analysis is useful for managing the operation of the system and the prediction of criticality. For example, the data collected can help solve problems and failures able to block or damage the production and so develop solutions to avoid them.

Specific software and platforms allow to collect data directly from machines in production, so it’s possible to know in real time where and how to intervene: according to consumption it prepares in advance the demand for raw materials or according to the most frequent alarms maintenance it can plan targeted interventions to perform.

⭕️ Creation of new generations of products and services: in the case of products, specific sensors allow to monitor the operation of the devices and related components, while in the case of services it is possible to more enhance most required functions.

These data allow to constantly develop products and services, to improve them or to create new solutions based on the usage behaviors. For example, Apps are able to adapt to customer’s use and continually improve implementing some functions or leaving others.

⭕️ Customisation: studying and interpreting the data produced by IoT it is possible to perform special tests and to intercept customer preferences. This is the case of a company that, analyzing the trends of use by the customers of a specific service, it provides new solutions to manage it even more effectively, basing precisely on its specific needs.

Let’s try to think of a current gas or water provider, having regard to the data of the consumption of a specific user (provided by IoT devices), which proposes rates or modeled offers according to specific customer usage trends.

⭕️ Direct monetization of data: it is possible to earn through the sale of data to other external parties. The aggregated data from the IoT sensors of a private car parking for example, may be transferred to other entities in order to extrapolate relative trends about citizen car stops (number of cars, peak times, preferences between public and private car parks and much more).

⭕️ Advertising and commerce: the study of information allows to create customized advertising campaigns and strongly targeted. For example, within the context of e-commerce, the user can rediscover his preferences profiled through crossed information with the products of his research or with the historian of his purchases.

The IoT security

The use of all information originating from the IoT devices it involves the need to ensure an even higher level of security.

This safety must be directed inward, for example the correctness of the information of a production plant, and outwards, in order to protect data from any illicit intrusion.

Do not identify the security issue as one of the main prerogatives regarding the management of big data it can mean to frustrate all the efforts undertaken in their collect, analysis and implementation.

➡️ Evolve all devices adapting them to IoT technologies means building the largest computer in the world.

An interconnected computer which holds within it all the data of all computers connected to the network

How much we are willing to pay for the safety of these devices?


The effort to create a highly secure platform, keeping it constantly updated it will be the only way to protect the data of companies and citizen.

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